Health Precautions

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For Your Peace of Mind

Employees have received training on the new standards for COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Each staff member must strictly adhere to these protective measures recommended by government agencies. These measures include hand hygiene, wearing masks if necessary, and social distancing.

Employees training

Awareness of health rules

Upon your arrival, our employees will guide you and communicate to you with sensitivity all the new hygiene, health and safety measures so that you can move around safely in the hotel, knowing that we take care of you with the utmost care.

Hand sanitizers will be available in key locations, including: reception, lobby, bedrooms, restaurant and pool.

Disinfectants at your disposal

Surface disinfection

The frequency of cleaning and disinfection has been increased. This measure applies to all public spaces, with an emphasis on thorough cleaning of frequent contact surfaces. These spaces include, among others: the reception check-in counter, doorbells, door handles, public toilets, room keys, stair railings, dining areas and seats.

The restaurant, bar and swimming pool will respect the social distance and the occupation limits imposed by local legislation. These areas will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each use, including tables, seats, menus and payment machines. The indoor restaurant will continue to operate under strict new measures to ensure your safety.

Social distancing